"वार्तालाप ही नीति की जनक होती है"
- डॉ. गर्ग 

"Human Thinking & Voice Change the Scenario"      
- Dr. Garg  

JV-INTERACTION (Integration of already existing educational resources with need of community) <> JV-INTERACTION (Need to Breakdown the parallel Higher Education System in from of coaching class for UG/PG Admissions / Registration as Professionals and for jobs in Government / Private Sectors.) <> JV-INTERACTION (Establish Ministry for Integration and Correlation of Policies) <>JV-INTERACTION (Veda's Recognition as source of reference in AYUSH, Modern Medicine Pharmacopeia & Diagnostic Method) <> JV-INTERACTION (Job Mechanism - Need based Skilled Employees leading to job for All) <> JV-INTERACTION (Safe, Secure,Indentified Virtual Environment for minors and Students) <> JV-INTERACTION (Integration of already existing Medical resources with need of the community) <> JV-INTERACTION (Integration of already existing Agricultural resources with need of the community) <> JV-INTERACTION (Need to introduce the Unique Sign/Symbol by Netional Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) for identification of each accredited Faculty/Department of Institution/University and their programs) <> JV-INTERACTION (Rural Public Service Commission (RPSC) should be consitituted for Rural Public Service Cadre to provide jobs for rural services such as administration, health, education, and agriculture etc.)
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