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    Founded in 2008, JV is vibrant, research led, Women University recognized for its creative and entrepreneurial spirit made up of a diverse group of students with different cultures, religions, ethnicities and ideas. Here, tradition and innovation blend seamlessly to provide students a perfect & safe atmosphere to live and study. A NAAC Accredited Women's University having top class Academics leading to deliver a dynamic and interdisciplinary learning environment, JV provides an ideal foundation for your personal and professional development
    The Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur has been established and incorporated under the Act 17 of 2008 passed by Rajasthan State Legislature and notified by the Government of Rajasthan through its official Gazette Notification No. F.2 (23) Vidhi /2/2008 dated April 21, 2008.

    Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University is running the a multispecialty AYUSH Hospital namely “Suryansh Arogyashala” very successfully that includes its divisions namely, University Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre, University Homoeopathy Hospital & Research Centre, University Yoga & Naturopathy Hospital, Modern Medicine Centre, Physiotherapy Centre, Vaccination Centre, Diagnostic Centre, Eye Care Centre, Dental Care Centre and Dispensing Centre for Generic Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Homoeopathy Medicine with all healthcare services under one roof.
    The hospital aims to provide 24x7 healthcare services in a holistic way; providing both OPD and IPD services in all its departments that include prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and health education for patients and their families. Right from the infrastructure to the latest medical technology acquisition, the hospital has always kept its patients first and strived to deliver best care to its patients since its inception in 2012. Various procedures are being done and medicines are provided on minimal cost for the benefit of people.

"वार्तालाप ही नीति की जनक होती है"
- डॉ. गर्ग 

"Human Thinking & Voice Change the Scenario"      
- Dr. Garg  

JV-INTERACTION (Integration of already existing educational resources with need of community) <> JV-INTERACTION (Need to Breakdown the parallel Higher Education System in from of coaching class for UG/PG Admissions / Registration as Professionals and for jobs in Government / Private Sectors.) <> JV-INTERACTION (Establish Ministry for Integration and Correlation of Policies) <>JV-INTERACTION (Veda's Recognition as source of reference in AYUSH, Modern Medicine Pharmacopeia & Diagnostic Method) <> JV-INTERACTION (Job Mechanism - Need based Skilled Employees leading to job for All) <> JV-INTERACTION (Safe, Secure,Indentified Virtual Environment for minors and Students) <> JV-INTERACTION (Integration of already existing Medical resources with need of the community) <> JV-INTERACTION (Integration of already existing Agricultural resources with need of the community) <> JV-INTERACTION (Need to introduce the Unique Sign/Symbol by Netional Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) for identification of each accredited Faculty/Department of Institution/University and their programs) <> JV-INTERACTION (Rural Public Service Commission (RPSC) should be consitituted for Rural Public Service Cadre to provide jobs for rural services such as administration, health, education, and agriculture etc.)
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